City of Knoxville lowers speed limits

A speed limit sign reads 25 miles per hour
The City of Knoxville is lowering speed limits to 25 on roads without a posted speed limit.

On July 1, 2022, the speed limit on all unmarked roads in Knoxville city limits will drop to 25 mph

Knoxville officials say that all unposted speed limits are being reduced from 30 to 25 on public roads. 

The move was approved by the Knoxville city council last November and will take effect July 1. 

On Thursday, Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon posted a video on social media about the upcoming change. 

“Hey, Knoxville drivers listen up. The speed limit on some city streets will soon be changing. Starting July 1, 25 miles per hour will be the new speed limit on all unmarked neighborhood roads,” she said in the video. “Research shows that just dropping the speed limit five miles per hour saves lives. This means safer streets for drivers, walkers, cyclists for all of us.”

Kincannon said the change aligns with Vision Zero — a program that aims to reduce traffic fatalities and make roads safer.