Moira Charnot, also known as “Mo,” is a senior at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. They are currently studying Journalism & Electronic Media. Charnot originally hails from Chicago, and they have lived in various states in the Midwest and the South throughout their life, such as Missouri, Iowa, and North Carolina. They come from a large immediate and extended family, being the oldest of five children. 

From a young age, Charnot had a strong interest in writing as a career, though originally as an author. This was largely inspired by their love for reading. Some of their favorite authors include Cornelia Funke, Sue Monk Kidd, Jasper Fforde, Rivers Solomon, and Ursula K. Le Guin. They also have more recently taken up sketching and acrylic painting as a hobby, and have a strong interest in other hobbies such as jewelry making and learning how to bake. 

Charnot currently leads a busy life, being a full-time student working part-time delivering pizzas, as well as taking care of a three-year old calico cat named Tally (pictured below):

Charnot was first driven to journalism in high school, after joining the Liberty Ledger newspaper in their sophomore year at Liberty High School in Wentzville, Missouri. Driven by a love of writing and reporting, Charnot has been involved with various news outlets in Knoxville since moving here, such as covering school and city events for UTK’s The Daily Beacon and reporting essential stories for the LGBTQ+ community via the Knox Pride Blog. 

Charnot’s current interests in journalism are in writing local feature stories, as well as pieces related to social movements and the criminal justice system, leading them to work with the Hard Knox Wire as an intern.