4th and Gill auto burglary suspect arrested

John Adamson Jr. (Source: KCSO)

Police took a suspect into custody Sunday night for allegedly trying to burglarize cars in a North Knoxville neighborhood that’s recently seen scores of similar break-ins.

Although John Adamson Jr., 47, of Johnson City, was charged with two counts of attempted vehicular burglary in the 4th and Gill neighborhood, she denied having anything to do with the 50-plus other automobile burglaries that have been reported in the area since June, authorities said. 

Adamson, a transgender woman, was arrested after KPD officers responded to a homeowner in the 800 block of Derry Street who said that a pair of suspicious persons were trying to break into two of her vehicles, according to arrest warrants filed by KPD Officer Zoe Richardson.

“The victim was inside her home …. when her dog began barking at something that was outside,” Richardson said. “The victim went outside to look for any suspicious activity and saw the suspect, wearing a black dress with possibly gold accents, and an unidentified white male, wearing boxer shorts and no shirt, near her vehicles.”

One of the trespassers pulled on the door handle of her Nissan Altima while the second person peered through the window. Failing in their attempt to get into the first car, the pair moved onto the homeowner’s Nissan Kick and repeated their actions, the officer said.

“The victim yelled at the two defendants, when Adamson used their hand to imitate a gun at the victim,” Richardson continued. “Both defendants then fled the scene.”

Officers then “saturated the area” and soon found Adamson walking on North Central Street at East Woodland Avenue, the officer explained. 

“Officers detained Adamson, who stated she was coming from near the location above and did tell officers that a shirtless white male was following her,” said Richardson. “Officers took the defendant back to the above location to do a show-up, where the victim positively identified Adamson to be one of the defendants.”

The second suspect, who was described only as “a short, shirtless white male,” wasn’t located by officers and remained at large. 

“Adamson was transported to KPD headquarters and interviewed by a Property Crimes Unit investigator in reference to the previous rash of car burglaries in the 4th and Gill area, but denied having any involvement in those burglaries,” said department spokesperson Scott Erland. 

Adamson has a lengthy history of arrests for petty crimes, primarily related to theft or prostitution, according to court records.

Published on August 9, 2022.