City of Knoxville to award $20k grant for community project


The City of Knoxville is now accepting applications for a $20,000 grant to fund a community-based project to serve the community’s youth.

Two organizations were chosen as recipients of the grant on June 2 as part of Mayor Indya Kincannon’s Social Innovation Challenge. Both SEEED and the Emerald Youth Foundation received $20,000 after being selected by a panel of judges.

A third grant, however, won’t be awarded until August. 

Applications should be submitted through the United Way of Greater Knoxville website before midnight on July 11.

Applications must include a proposal for a project that is focused on community service. Officials said they’ll be looking for projects that are “collaborative, community-driven and community-led; address current gaps in services; support underserved youth, and position youth as the experts on the barriers they face and what they need to succeed.”

Officials said the Social Innovation Challenge is about fostering new ideas and creative ways to address issues like youth mental health and community resilience.

“A resilient community is one that has programs and institutions that recognize trauma and mental health challenges and the ways we can address and treat those issues together,” said Community Engagement Coordinator Kathy Mack.

Published June 20, 2022