Criminal charges filed against dog owner

Bridget, a severely abused dog who was found by a dumpster in North Knoxville, died last week despite the best efforts of vets to save her. Source: Knoxville Police Department

The owner of a severely neglected dog who died after being abandoned by a dumpster in North Knoxville has been found and now faces criminal charges, authorities said.

The owner, identified as 36-year-old Jamie Will, has been charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty, Knoxville Police Department spokesperson Scott Erland said Sunday. 

“Animal Control also confiscated two dogs and a cat that were in her care for their protection,” said Erland. 

No further information about Will was released. Police also didn’t disclose further details of the case, such as why the dog was abandoned.

The victim — described as “a terrier or poodle mix” who was dubbed “Bridget” by the team of vets who tried unsuccessfully to save her life — was found May 5 sealed into a cloth dog carrier and then abandoned by a dumpster at an apartment complex on Jenkins Road. 

Bridget showed “clear signs of serious neglect,” including numerous areas of her body that were severely infected, officials said. She died last week at Young Williams Animal Center, where vets had tried unsuccessfully to save her life.

Officials from Young Williams issued a statement on social media about the three animals that were seized from Will as a result of the investigation. 

“The three pets appear to be in fair condition and are being examined by our veterinary team,” the statement said. “The pets will be cared for and kept in the shelter’s custody as the Animal Control investigation proceeds.”

At least one private citizen donated the funds needed to offer a $500 reward through East Tennessee Valley Crime Stoppers. Authorities didn’t say whether anyone was expected to collect the reward. 

Published on March 21, 2022.