Man convicted for stolen vehicle scam 


A Knoxville man who tried to scam his insurance company was convicted after a two-day trial in Knox County Criminal Court, authorities said Thursday.

John Michael Fletcher, 61, was found guilty of false reports and filing a false insurance claim. After the jurors returned their verdicts, Judge Kyle Hixson set Fletcher’s sentencing hearing for July 16.

“In a two-day trial, Assistant District Attorneys William Bright and Sean Roberts explained to the jury that on December 7, 2018, Fletcher asked an employee to move Fletcher’s H3 Hummer motor vehicle,” said Knox County DA’s spokesperson Sean McDermott.

“Fletcher then reported the Hummer was stolen to the Knoxville Police Department and his insurance company,” McDermott continued. “Fletcher claimed he had purchased the vehicle for nearly double what he actually paid for it and filed a claim for the inflated value. Nearby surveillance video showed the vehicle being moved, and when the vehicle was found, there were no signs of forced entry or damage to the ignition.”

The crimes that Fletcher was convicted of are both Class D felonies that normally carry a two- to four-year prison sentence. McDermott, however, said that prosecutors from the White Collar Unit will seek an enhanced punishment because Fletcher threatened the insurance agent when they didn’t pay his claim. Also,Fletcher has a prior conviction for second-degree murder from Washington County.