Triple nightclub shooting caused by fight over drink

Bredy Adrian Mancia-Caceres

A recent shooting in a nightclub parking lot that killed one man and sent two other people to area hospitals was triggered by a dispute over a drink.

The suspect, Bredy Adrian Mancia-Caceres, 24, of Loudon, was taken into custody on Friday and later made incriminating statements to investigators from the Knoxville Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit, court records show. 

He was charged with one count of manslaughter and two counts of aggravated assault. 

Pablo Roberto Nunez Acosta, 32 of Louisville, was killed in the October 16 incident at El Pulpo Loco on Alcoa Highway. Joel Canales, 28, of Knoxville, and Anderson Sanchez, 21, also of Knoxville, were wounded by gunfire. 

It wasn’t clear if Mancia-Caceres admitted to firing a gun during the altercation, but he allegedly confessed to getting into a fight with one of the victims and then fleeing the scene before police arrived, according to arrest warrants filed by KPD Investigator Kevin Varner.

The October 16 incident was the second shooting with multiple victims to erupt in El Pulpo Loco’s parking lot in recent weeks. The first took place on Sept. 25 when two people were wounded by gunfire and two others arrested. Police and prosecutors from the District Attorney General’s Office are reviewing the cases to determine if the club should be classified as a nuisance.

According to Investigator Varner, when KPD officers arrived at  El Pulpo Loco around 2:30 a.m. on October 16 they found Acosta lying dead from a gunshot wound and the other victims headed to local emergency rooms.

It took more than a week for investigators to identify Mancia-Caceres and then gather enough evidence to charge him with the shooting. Several witnesses ultimately identified Mancia-Caceres as the gunman, and one also claimed they overheard him confess to the crime while they were driving him back to the scene to collect his car several hours after the shooting.

On October 28, investigators met with deputies from the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office after learning that Mancia-Caceres was employed by Monterey Mushrooms, which is located near Interstate 75 in Loudon.

The officers pulled over Mancia-Caceres for speeding and then arrested him for driving without a license. After he was taken into custody, he was given his Miranda warning and then made a voluntary statement, according to Varner.

“The defendant reported that he was at El Pulpo Loco on the night of the incident,” Varner wrote. “The defendant admitted to getting into an altercation with one of the victims over an alcoholic beverage. When he observed the victim leaving, he assaulted him by striking him with a closed fist. At this point, a large fight ensued in (the) parking (lot), culminating in the shooting.”

Mancia-Caceres also admitted to fleeing the scene and making incriminating statements while in the presence of the witness who helped him retrieve his vehicle, the investigator stated.

Mancia-Caceres was jailed in lieu of bonds totaling $70,000, but even if he posts bail he won’t be freed because of an immigration hold placed by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to records from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

Published on October 31, 2022.