Will it rain or will it snow now?

Courtesy of KUB

There could be more rain expected later Wednesday night.

Or it may snow.

It’s still up in the air.


“That’s the million dollar question,” said Charles Dalton, forecaster for the National Weather Service.”It’ll probably be more rain in the Tennessee Valley.”

An arctic air mass came through the south and deep south over the last two days, dumping snow in Middle and West Tennessee, even as far south as Texas. It also left freezing temperatures with Tuesday night and Wednesday morning dropping into the 20s.

By late Wednesday night, Dalton said more precipitation should be moving in. Temperatures are supposed to go into the 40s Wednesday before they dip below freezing Wednesday night.

“The question is how high do the temperatures get before the rain falls,” Dalton said.

There’s no question there will be a wintry mix on the Cumberland Plateau and in the Smoky Mountains, he said. 

That doesn’t bode well for some workers who made their way up into the plateau on Wednesday. 

To help with recovery efforts, the Knoxville Utility Board sent 11 employees and nine trucks to Cookeville, Tennessee. They arrived around 6:30 p.m.

KUB officials said the crews are expected to be there for two to three days but that could be subject to change.

The crews will be repairing broken poles and downed wires in order to get power restored.

Mark Nagi, spokesman for the Tennessee Department of Transportation, also said TDOT has sent resources to Nashville. A crew of workers with a fleet of 12 dump trucks deployed to Nashville from East Tennessee on Sunday.

So, should it rain or should it snow now?

If it rains there will be trouble. If it snows it will be double.

Courtesy of KUB. Several KUB workers headed to Cookeville Wednesday to help with relief efforts due to the snow storm that rocked the south.